The Communicative English courses at  UAschools are designed to mainly focus on the following:

Developing skills for English conversations

● Practicing pronunciation and complete sentence structures

● Building structures for communicative vocabulary  in various contexts


ENGCOM 1 Course


  • Learners can pronounce correctly and use complete sentence structures.
  • Learners can understand the main ideas of short passages.
  • Learners can understand the main idea, purpose and basic context in speech.
  • Learners can gain enough basic vocabulary to converse on common topics.
  • Learners can introduce themselves, their company and briefly about their job.
  • Learners can exchange and communicate in the workplace at a basic level.
  • Learners can express their own thoughts and ask questions about topics in life.

ENGCOM 2&3 Courses


  • Learners can understand the main ideas of familiar and frequently encountered topics.
  • Learners can handle most situations that may arise in communication.
  • Learners can present and communicate in English on basic topics.
  • Learners can confidently describe their own abilities, education and experience.
  • Learners can use linked simple sentences in familiar topics in life or related to personal interests.
  • Learners can describe their life events, experiences and dreams, and give reasons and explanations for their ideas and intentions.

ENGCOM 4&5 Courses


  • Learners can communicate fluently and confidently, and handle most situations in the workplace.
  • Learners can apply English to complex situations and react faster in many circumstances.
  • Learners can write emails and answer the phone.
  • Learners can use English to negotiate and analyze work with foreign customers and partners.

   Học phí khoá học:

ENGCOM 1 (A&B) Foreign teachers 24 classes, 36 hours 1,220,000
ENGCOM 2&3 (A&B) 25% Foreign teachers 24 classes, 36 hours 2,730,000
ENGCOM 4&5 (A&B) 50% Foreign teachers 24 classes, 36 hours 4,310,000
ENGCOM 6 (A&B) 100% Foreign teachers 24 classes, 36 hours 7,730,000


  • Monday & Wednesday: 17:45 – 19:15

    Tuesday & Thursday: 17:45 – 19:15

    Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 – 11:30

   Offers for Learners

  • Ưu đãi đặc biệt: Tặng 20% học phí 1 khoá học đầu tiên cho lớp 50% & 100% GVNN (áp dụng đến hết ngày 31/08/2021)
  • Đăng ký nhiều khoá: Tặng 7% học phí (2 khóa liên tiếp), 10% học phí (3 khoá liên tiếp), 15% học phí (4 khoá liên tiếp)
  • Đăng ký nhóm: Tặng 5% học phí (nhóm 2 – 3 học viên), 7% học phí (nhóm 4 – 5 học viên), 10% học phí (nhóm từ 6 học viên)
  • Đặc biệt, tặng 15% học phí tất cả các khoá học dành cho các đối tượng là con của giáo viên các trường công lập TP.HCM.

   Đặc biệt, chương trình trả góp 0% Lãi suất dành cho chủ thẻ tín dụng BIDV và Sacombank.