According to research, children’s brains have the capacity to store information that is never full. The brain will take in as much as we put in it without being messed up. Therefore, exposing children to English from a young age makes the process of getting used to and absorbing the new language easier.

Surpassing advantages of the Kindergarten English course at UAschools:

֍  Diverse integrated subjects help discover and activate 8 types of intelligence:

(1) Mathematical logic; (2) Music; (3) Language; (4) Physical education

(5) Natural Science; (6) Introspection; (7) Communication; (8) Spatial vision

According to Professor, Dr. Howard Gardner – Havard University

֍ Creative thinking project: (1)The world of Colors; (2) Smart city; (3) Creative sky

֍ Textbook set of Cambridge University (Super Safari)

֍ Learning through paintings, pictures, music and real-life situations

֍ Foreign teachers are carefully selected, are native speakers from the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and own an international teaching certificate

֍  Extracurricular program (1- 2 times for each course)

Class schedule:

  •  Monday & Wednesday: 17:45 – 19:45
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 17:45 – 19:45
  • Saturday & Sunday: 07:45 – 09:45 (session A), 09:50 – 11:50 (session B)

Tuition fees:

Superkids 1-2-3 (A&B)
25% native speakers 24 classes, 48 hours 2,750,000
50% native speakers 26 classes, 52 hours 5,640,000
100% native speakers 26 classes, 52 hours 8,580,000

Offers for students:

Special offer: Free 20% of tuition fees for the first course for classes of 50% & 100% of foreign teachers (applied until the end of August 31, 2021)

Registering for multiple courses: Free 7% of tuition fees (2 consecutive courses), free 10% of tuition fees (3 consecutive courses), free 15% of tuition fees (4 consecutive courses)

Group registration: Free 5% of tuition fees (group of 2-3 students), free 7% of tuition fees (group of 4-5 students), free 10% of tuition fees (group of 6 students or more)

In particular, free 15% of tuition fees for all courses for children of teachers at public schools in Ho Chi Minh City.

Especially, 0% Interest Installment Program for BIDV and Sacombank credit card holders.